Welcome to robin-web.co.uk

Who are we? - A small company that has evolved from writing computer programs in the 80's  to designing, creating and maintaining web sites in the 00's (sounds odd, or rather, reads odd...).

What do we do? - Design, create, maintain and host web sites.

Who do we work for? - See list of existing clients.

How much does it cost? - Most name registrations, for two years, only cost £10 - web hosting no more than £5 per month - web design depends on complexity & number of pages.

Do I need a web presence? - The short answer is 'yes'; it is another method of advertising or marketing you, your club or your company.  You do not have to sell products or services - but you can.

Think of it as another type of company brochure or even another form of Yellow Pages  - but more flexible, immediate and amendable.  Within reason, you can have modifications, additions, updates all processed without delay.  Inform customers or clients of offers, news, events - the list is endless.

Pictures, logos, text, tables - they can all be included, and yes, you can have moving text or pictures if you wish.

The fact that you are reading this indicates that you already have internet facilities.  But are you utilising the service?  Are you getting benefit from being on-line?  Do you send out updates/news letters to your prospects - do you keep them informed?
"Does it work?"  you ask.  Well, I can only tell you that it's not me reading this!!!!

Why not contact us to discuss options? - Why not do it now?  Pick up the 'phone and dial 020 8462 2505 or simply e-mail us at info@robin-web.co.uk  and we'll call you.



Some recent sites

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Bromley Vets AC

Ravens Runners

Pickwick Bicycle Club

Kent Krawlers Klub


See full list of existing clients