A brief History of the event...

IN THE BEGINNING, A SHORT HISTORY - At 8:OOam on February 28th 1981, what seemed like a huge crowd of 182 walkers set off on the first Seven Sisters Marathon. At 11:00am 68 runners followed, and within a short time all vanished into the fog clutching their route descriptions, with many of the runners going astray in the first few miles!

By 1984 the number of entries had increased to 2500, and it was obvious that they would continue to grow beyond a manageable number - so a limit was introduced in 1985, which remained at 2000 for several years. This was subsequently reduced to 1500, which was considered a reasonable number for safety and comfort.

Many improvements have taken place over the years - they have dispensed with the route description and marked and marshalled the course, and in 1986 slightly lengthened it to the full 26 miles. In 1988 at the request of conservationists they reluctantly agreed to move the date from February to October.

The Marathon has raised and given thousands of pounds to charities, and made generous donations to the voluntary organisations connected with it.

The event was originally organised by the Sussex Group of the Long Distance Walkers Association - for walkers, but with runners welcome, and not losing sight of this, they have always made sure the field has balanced evenly, by not allowing more runners than walkers.

October 27 2001 was a sad day as this 21st event was to be the last of the Seven Sisters Marathons organised by Les Smith.  It was thought that that would be the end but fortunately the event was saved and organised by Nicola Williams and Hugh Graham.  It was re-named and, since 2001, is now known as the Beachy Head Marathon. The field then comprised a maximum of 1750 runners, joggers and walkers.

The 24 October 2009 was another sad day as Nicola & Hugh retired from the organisation having done a sterling job for the eight years.

Eastbourne Council took over and continue the running of the event and 2010 was the the 30th edition (same as London Marathon) and a complete cook-up as far as the results were concerned. 2011 sorted that out. This year (2020) and last couple of years everything seems to be great with full results published before the end of the day... thank you all.



Peter Huck 2:40:09 Barrow in Furness Striders


James Turner 2:44:33 Brighton & Hove City AC 2021
Mike Bradley 2.45 Chesham Harriers


James Wright 2:45:32 Scrutton Bland 2021
Tim Short 2.47 ? 2007
Sarah Rowell 2.49 Dartford Harriers 1986
Andy Coley-Maud 2:49:02 Clapham Chasers 2018
Todd Leckie 2:49:23 Bodyworks XTC 2018
Sam Humpfrey 2:50:37 Victoria Park Harriers 2016
Jan Swenson 2.51 Arena 80 1993
Malcolm MacBride 2.52 Herne Hill Harriers 1988
Ben Warren 2:52:50 ? 2021
Sam Lambourne 2.53 Jog Shop Joggers 1986
Damon Rodwell 2.53 Hardley Runners 1995
Stephen Moore 2.53 Hertford & Ware A.C. 1995
Ian Stoneman 2.53 South West Road Runners 1996
Terry Tullett 2.54 Jog Shop Joggers 1986
Will Green 2:54:32 Lewes AC 2020
Eric Williams 2.55 Stockport Harriers 1991
Stephan Wenk 2.55.38 Maidstone Harriers 2014
Jeff Pyrah 2.55.44 Hastings AC 2013
Jeff Pyrah 2.55.59 Hastings AC 2014
Matthew Lynas 2.55 Thames Hare and Hounds 1996
Sean O'Neill 2.56 Gold Starr Eastbourne 1987
Kelvin Turner 2.56 Gold Starr Eastbourne 1987
John Hudspith 2.56 Serpentine R.C. 1994
Jeff Pyrah 2:56:05 Hastings AC 2016
Todd Leckie 2:56:49 Bodyworks XTC 2017
Mark Pickard 2.57 L. D. W. A. 1986
Paul Turner 2.57 Bolton United Harriers 1993
Kevin Willis 2.57 Cheltenham & County Harriers 1994
Stuart Mills 2.57 Uni of Brighton 2007
James Turner 2:57:47 Brighton & Hove City AC 2020
Gordon Armstrong 2.58 Lewes A. C. 1988
Barry Hards 2.58 Stubbington Green Runners 1990
Danny Wood 2.58 Uni of Brighton 2001
Stuart Mills 2.58 Uni of Brighton 2004
Stephen Bach 2.59 Lozells Harriers 1986
Mike Smith 2.59 Jog Shop Joggers 1990
Graham Cunliffe 2.59 Clayton Le Moors Harriers 1991
Andrew Carruthers 2.59 Crawley A.C. 1992
Tom Glare 2.59 Woodstock Harriers 1995
Stuart Mills 2.59 Uni of Brighton 2002
Stuart Mills 2.59 Uni of Brighton 2005
Milan Watson 2:59:38 Brighton Pheonix 2018

Leading runners times since 1986
Thanks to Andy Milroy for updating the information. 

Beachy Head Marathon (was the Seven Sisters Marathon)

Eastbourne, Sussex, England - Trail - circular loop course 

Date Male Name and Country Female  Name and Country

Due to extensive overnight flooding across the course a change was made which meant two laps of the half-marathon course for 2021    

23-Oct-21  02:44:33 James Turner  03:05:48 Jemima Farley
24-Oct-20  02:40:09 Peter Hulk  03:24:23 Emma Davis


 03:05:55 Luke Delderfield  03:24:22 Rebecca Bunting



Andy Coley-Maud   03:16:42 Rebecca Bunting
28-Oct-17  02:56:49 Todd Leckie  03:27:09 Alexie Williams
29-Oct-16  02:50:37 Sam Humpfrey  03:30:20 Sarah Swann



Stuart Mills


Sarah Swinhoe
25-Oct-14  02:55:38 Stephan Wenk  03:32:42 Jo Singer
26-Oct-13  02:55:44 Jeff Pryah  03:30:33 Andrea Green


Rob Harley


Susie Casebourne
22-Oct-11 03:02 Steve Nimmo 03:36 Susie Casebourne
23-Oct-10 03:02 Stuart Mills ENG 03:31 Emma Richards
24-Oct-09 03:03 Stuart Mills ENG 03:27 Sam Alvarez
25-Oct-08 03:02 Stuart Mills ENG 03:41 Jacqueline Hartwell ENG
27-Oct-07 02:47 Tim Short ENG 03:29 Annabelle Stearns ENG
28-Oct-06 03:00 Matt Giles ENG 03:47 Lisa Barry ENG
29-Oct-05 02:59 Stuart Mills ENG 03:36 Sue Sleath ENG

An additional hill, just after you cross the A259 at Exceat, was added making the course slightly longer.

23-Oct-04 02:58 Stuart Mills ENG 03:34 Sue Sleath ENG
25-Oct-03 03:07 Stuart Mills ENG 03:31 Julia Armstrong ENG
26-Oct-02 02:59 Stuart Mills ENG 03:53 Julie Drake  ENG

Change of name to Beachy Head Marathon from October 2002

27-Oct-01 02:58 Danny Woods ENG 03:27 Lindsey McLaren
28-Oct-00 03:03 Danny Woods ENG 03:53 Tracey Owen ENG
30-Oct-99 02:59 Brian Willis ENG 03:39 Jane Boulton ENG  
31-Oct-98 03:04 Mike Bradley ENG 03:44 Louise Forrest ENG
01-Nov-97 02:52 Mike Bradley ENG 03:25 Libby Jones ENG
02-Nov-96 02:53 Ian Stoneman ENG 03:29 Libby Jones ENG
28-Oct-95 02:53 Damon Rodwell ENG 03:36 Jane Boulton ENG  
29-Oct-94 02:56 John Hudspith ENG 03:35 Libby Jones ENG
30-Oct-93 02:51 Jan Swenson 03:28 Hilary Walker ENG
31-Oct-92 02:59 Kevin Willis ENG 03:29 Clare Weyman ENG
26-Oct-91 02:45 Mike Bradley ENG 03:35 Libby Griffin ENG
27-Oct-90 02:57 Damon Rodwell ENG 03:28 Clare Weyman ENG
28-Oct-89 02:57 Mike Bradley ENG 03:26 Sarah Coope ENG
29-Oct-88 02:52 Malcolm MacBride ENG 03:34 Vivienne Hill  ENG
28-Feb-87 02:56 Sean O'Neill  ENG 03:30 Clare Weyman ENG
    Kelvin Turner  ENG    
22-Feb-86 02:53 Sam Lambourne ENG 02:49 Sarah Rowell ENG

Course lengthened from February 1986

23-Feb-85 02:48 Derek Stevens ENG 03:20 Jacky Smith ENG
25-Feb-84 02:51 Sam Lambourne ENG 02:55 Sarah Rowell ENG
19-Feb-83 02:55 Derek Stevens ENG 03:13 Sarah Rowell ENG
20-Feb-82 03:00 Mark Pickard ENG 03:52 Sarah Rowell  ENG
28-Feb-81 03:28 Andrew Harmer ENG 04:09 Ros Paul ENG