Results of the 20th Beachy Head Marathon
23 October 2021 - also the 41st 'Seven Sisters'

Congratulations to 2021 winners:
First Man James Turner 2:44:33
First Lady Jemima Farley 3:05:48

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Results by Sport Systems

A statement from the Beachy Head Marathon organisers:
Extensive overnight flooding across the course has made certain areas unpassable to participants and emergency vehicles and as a result a route change is required for the event to go ahead.
We are aware that 2000 participants have trained very hard for the Beachy Head Marathon and we do not want anyone’s training efforts to go to waste, therefore the team has quickly actioned a route change and for 2021 participants will run the Beachy Head Half Marathon route twice.
This route incorporates many elements of the full marathon route, including the start and finish line, while taking in new scenery at Willingdon Hill and Friston. The route will be fully sign posted and volunteers will be repositioned at key points with water stations positioned at mile 3.8, 9.8, 17 and 22. The full route map can be found here:
We would like to extend our thanks to our charity partners and individual volunteers for their support. Volunteers will be contacted regarding reallocated positions.
Good luck to all participants, we hope you enjoy the new course and appreciate the difficult position we find ourselves in. 22-10-21

First Lady Jemima Farley 3:05:48

First 3 men
Ben Warren (3rd), James Turner (1st), James Wright (2nd)

First 100